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Pittsburgh Furniture Company is a vintage furniture store that specializes in Mid Century Modern furniture. We can be quite picky in what we sell and in turn, what we buy. On occasion you may find an antique, rustic, Modern, Retro, and or an Art Deco items that we feel our clientele will acknowledge. We carry new rugs and sofas, both of which blend in nicely with your existing vintage pieces. The rest of the store is vintage which we attain through many channels including private sellers. Since we refinish a lot of items here, condition isn't usually a deal breaker either. 

If you have any items from the eras we specialize in that you're interested in selling, please feel free to email us photos to:

If we're interested; we'll make an offer and we are able to pick up. We do not do consignment here.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


Pittsburgh Furniture Company

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